THiS WE ARE – DAS SiND WiR is founded by Guru Padmasambhāva (Saint Marc).

The aim of THiS WE ARE – DAS SiND WiR is, to take portrait photos of people from all cultures to capture the diversity, beauty and fragility of our human soul. We want to create a portrait library with at least one million images available online.

It is the soul that speaks through the eyes.

When you look at the photos on www.thiswea.re you may feel as if you are in a hall of mirrors – always different, and always new. A new moment, a new image – a new person.

Unique. Complete. Alive.

You and I, we are all directly connected. This connection is so fundamental: it is the basis of our existence: embedded in the creation, and perceiving ourselves with “others”.

I invite you to take a moment: let the images and the moment be part of you and to use the prayer THiS WE ARE – DAS SiND WiR in your daily life.

Love and compassion work through you.




Guru Padmasambhāva (Saint Marc)

About Saint Marc

Guru Padmasambhāva (Guru Rinpoche)

Guru Padmasambhāva (Guru Rinpoche) and Apostle in the Grace of Jesus Christ – also known as “Saint Marc”.

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