It is the soul which speaks through the eyes


The initial idea of


was born after several years of meditation and merging into the HOLY SPIRIT. It is guided through Archangel Asrael.1Read more about these awakening-experiences on www.mahadeva.info.

After a longer period of rest and creativity, I recognized, more by chance, the multitude of portraits in my photo library. This took place at the beginning of 2019 and after a short period of brooding over this, the concept was born.

Contemplating these photos you may feel transferred to a hall of mirrors – always different, always new – this is also how I encounter myself when taking these photographs and through the digital raw editing. A new moment, a new picture – a new human being. Unique. Complete. Alive.

You and I, we are all directly connected. This connection is so fundamental: it is the basis of our existence: embedded in the creation and perceiving ourselves through ourselves in “the other”.

I invite you to take a moment. Click any one of the many pictures and a slideshow will open. Let the moment and the picture become a part of you. Whatever you feel: it is your ‘self’ – through the other.

Love and compassion work through you.

At the moment I am showing almost 100 portraits. As we are currently approximately 7.7 bn. People on this planet, and as we don’t seem to be decreasing any time soon, I will certainly be busy for a while.


Contact me for further information:

Holger Bartels

Phone: +49 (0) 151 53588900

Email: thisweare@bartels.photo

Erfurt, Germany