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    Timeline During a 20 day Vipassana Meditation at the Dhammabodhi-Center at Bodhgaya in India, Archangel Asrael gives the first clear message: "My friend Holger, I have some presents for you. Let's rock the planet. Don't be afraid. It can be quite challenging. We need more than some vacuum cleaner. I will guide you. When ever…
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    Donate The THIS WE ARE-Benefaction-Program is collecting funds. Support and donate for THIS WE ARE | DAS SIND WIR with your contribution.   We received 3,188.80€ so far. On Betterplace - The non-profit platform for collecting founds:     https://www.betterplace.me/thiswearephotography On this website (by credit card or bank transfer): One-Time BenefactionRecurring BenefactionOne-Time Benefaction One-TimeSet your…
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    Prayer LORD, YOU give light in our darkness, YOU speak through us in love and peace. LORD, we speak to YOU and YOU send it back a thousand times. YOU love us as we are. Face to face. YOU ease our need and our pain; and YOU live in our hearts. Bit by bit, we…