• During a 20 day Vipassana Meditation at the Dhammabodhi-Center at Bodhgaya in India, Archangel Asrael gives the first clear message: “My friend Holger, I have some presents for you. Let’s rock the planet. Don’t be afraid. It can be quite challenging. We need more than some vacuum cleaner. I will guide you. When ever you need me, just call me. CONTINUE YOUR MEDITATION PRACTICE YOU CRAZY HUMAN BEING. ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH BUDDHISM ?”

    Location: Bodhgaya, India
    August 2015

  • After having a coffee and icecream at Krämerbrücke near the historical Mikwe, Archangel Asrael startet to open the channel to the prayer for THIS WE ARE | DAS SIND WIR with his unique message: THIS IS FOR YOU, OLD BUDDY. YOU ARE NOW WRITING A NEW PRAYER IN THE SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST. HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH IT 😉 !”

    Location: Erfurt, Germany
    April 2019

  • While channeling the prayer, THIS WE ARE | DAS SIND WIR goes online with around 50 Images.

    Location: Erfurt, Germany
    June 2019

  • More than 100 Images made during 10 years of photography, traveling and giving service are online. The prayer is finished.

    Location: Erfurt, Germany
    August 2019

  • A video goes online.

    Location: Erfurt, Germany
    December 2019

  • The Corona-Crisis gives more time and space to plan, to refine and to go much deeper into the meaning behind the prayer.

    Location: Erfurt, Germany
    Februar 2020