was born after several years of meditation, contemplation and the groundbreaking experience of the HOLY SPIRIT in Bodhgaya, India near the Mahabodhi-Temple. A spontaneous channeling of a Prayer started with a clear message by Archangel Asrael in Erfurt, Germany: THIS IS FOR YOU, OLD BUDDY. YOU ARE NOW WRITING A NEW PRAYER IN THE SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST. HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH IT. OR: ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH GURU RINPOCHE?


It is the soul which speaks through the eyes


After period of rest and creativity, I recognised, more by chance, the multitude of portraits in my photo library. After a short period of brooding over this, the concept was born.

Contemplating these photos you may feel transferred to a hall of mirrors – always different, always new – this is also how I encounter myself when taking these photographs and through the digital raw editing. A new moment, a new picture – a new human being. Unique. Complete. Alive.

You and I, we are all directly connected. This connection is so fundamental: it is the basis of our existence: embedded in the creation and perceiving ourselves through ourselves in “the other”.

I invite you to take a moment. Click any one of the many pictures and a slideshow will open. Let the moment and the picture become a part of you. Whatever you feel: it is your ‘self’ – through the other.

Love and compassion work through you.

At the moment I am showing almost 100 portraits. As we are currently approximately 7.7 bn. People on this planet, and as we don’t seem to be decreasing any time soon, I will certainly be busy for a while.